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For Lily and James

...and the Marauders too!

Dedicated to Lily & James Potter
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to ThriceDefiedHim! This is a community for and about Lily and James Potter and the people surrounding them (aka the Marauders). You can post mostly about anything that is about James, Lily, or the Marauders—including theories, icons, fics, or just rants about Peter. I only have a few rules…

Please read the rules before posting:

  1. Please do NOT bash other members, their theories, or anything regarding them.

  2. If commenting about a person’s fic, do not flame them. If you wish to leave them helpful tips to help their writing, please do so; but no flames.

  3. OT posts are acceptable, just keep the limit down.

  4. If you post spoilers, put a warning and cut the post, please.

  5. And the last rule, before I let you go: Cursing is allowed, but keep it down. Don’t go spoiling some kid’s head. :D

I’m your community owner siriuslymate so if you have any questions regarding the community, drop me a line at Hermioneg28@aol.com or TygerLily_Prongs92@hotmail.com.

Thanks, have fun posting, and keep the memory of Lily and James alive!